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Crochet On My Last Day

I worked for months making delicate “granny squares” out of thread. I finished a “poncho,” which I blocked in time to wear for my last day at school. My neighbor, good friend, and food guru Wendi Hiebert, snapped a few … Continue reading

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The Best of Both Worlds

It will be 18 months, at the end of this month, that I have been posting every single day. It was part of my goal to also post at least one image every day. In that time, I have created … Continue reading

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Put a Pin On Your Wrong Side

. I’ve joined a number of my larger squares to get a feel for the crochet fabric I am creating. The safety pin marks the wrong side, where I have woven in my eensy-weensy threads. It is a reminder,  so … Continue reading

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Mathematically Precise and Diaphanous

. I am grinning as I think of people puzzling over my blog post title, but it will soon become clear. I am still on a crochet binge. I started our with a 1 mm crochet hook, and realized I … Continue reading

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This One Is For Paulann

. Paulann, from Growthlines, commented that my photo of blocked crochet looked like a piece of art. I decided to play with it a little more, and see where that took me. .This digital design has a decidedly textile-ish look, … Continue reading

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. I’ve said before that I love to crochet. I’m making a little poncho type shawl (it won’t fall off your shoulders) and needed to block it. I saw the idea on someone’s blog  (wish I could remember where so … Continue reading

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Scarves Are Ubiquitous in Paris, Darling

.I am quickly crocheting a lovely scarf–I’m not sure who it will be a gift for, yet, but I have every intention of making a couple scarves before boxing day. I used a pattern by Doris Chan, one of my … Continue reading

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Money Is No Option

At least that’s how I act when at a vendor’s mall, as the one I attended today proved once again. I bought some lovely new books, including Maggie Grey‘s latest, Mixed Media: New Studio Techniques, which is as yet unavailable even … Continue reading

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The Bag Was Well Received

Remember that little crocheted tote bag I was working on for my granddaughter’s birthday? It was finally delivered, and was well received. Was there super enthusiasm? Well, it is not money, a video game or an exciting new toy , … Continue reading

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Will Travel As Soon As Have Bag

I wish I could say “Have bag, will travel” but I still have to make 4 more little flowers, sew them on  (complete with a pearl in the centre) and crochet the strap. It probably needs to be lined, as … Continue reading

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