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Red Bird

. I have been working on a new series of paintings. This first one has a working title of Red Bird. I will not promise it is finished. A poem is in the works to describe the emotions surrounding its … Continue reading

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. Recently, I was fortunate enough to spend about 5 days with a great friend and artist, Diane Kramer. We met at a workshop taught by Jeane Myers in Southampton, Ontario. All the members of that class hit it off … Continue reading

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  January, 2011, I decided to join the Sketchbook Challenge. I did so, quite frankly, with reluctance. Why? I am driven to pick up on and follow threads, clues, intuitions that capture my attention and await expression. Whatever I may have … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Get Much Wilder Than This

Or perhaps I just live a sheltered life, and my statement (title) only makes that patently obvious. Looking at this piece, I would say my muse is telling me that it’s time to explore my wild side more.

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A Running Chance

Fences. They protect and they hide. They can be quite decorative, or hideously ominous and imposing. Some of us feel fenced in, others think everything is greener on the other side. Some of us sit on them, others tear them … Continue reading

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The Artist’s Vision

What does the artist see? What happens when an artist follows her vision as far as it wants to take her? The visionary is the one who brings his or her voice into the world and who refuses to edit, … Continue reading

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It takes a lot of layers for me to finish a painting

I can see how painting with Yupo is going to aid the loosening up process. I paint pretty loosely most of the time, but then I like to tighten things up in Photoshop Elements. Perhaps too much. I have to … Continue reading

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The Last Installment

Stitched and Painted Collage has seen many changes. One thing about painting–once you cover up a layer, it is gone. What you see on the surface is what you get. There is a finality about it that brooks no sentimental … Continue reading

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Keep It Simple, Sweetie.

I took the painting from It’s Never Just Black and White into my favorite program, Photoshop Elements and we did a little dance routine. Once again, I see how very simple paintings can be layered into complex designs. These are … Continue reading

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It’s Never Just Black and White

I worked all day on Finding the Door to My Secret Garden, but am not ready to show it yet. There are a few little details that are bothering me, and the paint is still wet. You cannot take a … Continue reading

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