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They really are linked, but it is advantageous to put them in separate groupings in order to access them more efficiently.

Honor the Leaves

Ontario falls are spectacular. The trees turn into giant, technicolored flowers. They are every shade of yellow, orange, and red, with vestiges of green. It’s breathtaking. But the delights of fall are not over even when the leaves drop to … Continue reading

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Forget Yourself

I’ve been making decisions about what I want to do next, artistically speaking. I could obsess about this. Encourage angst. Wring my hands and moan “Is this the right thing to do, now, at this point in my life?” Nahhhh. … Continue reading

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When Will I See You Again?

I have a million ideas in my head. When I concentrate on a particular one, it flows out from my mind like a flag, waving and inviting me to create something out of it. Which made me think of the … Continue reading

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Ups and Downs

Tomorrow will mark another milestone for me, 18 months of continuous daily blogging. I’ve had my ups and down, but always managed to say something, and provide an image. So now what? Why announce this fact in such an obvious … Continue reading

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Crochet On My Last Day

I worked for months making delicate “granny squares” out of thread. I finished a “poncho,” which I blocked in time to wear for my last day at school. My neighbor, good friend, and food guru Wendi Hiebert, snapped a few … Continue reading

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Yesterday was my last day of “regular” employment. In other words, I have joined the retirement crowd. It was an emotional day ~ with hugs all around from staff and students alike. In my mind I saw a curtain closing … Continue reading

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Paying Forward

We can see the world as a doomed place, bound for destruction and full of people who only consider the bottom line. However, if we allow it, we will also notice and experience the many acts of kindness that are … Continue reading

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Real Friends

Tell me how you are feeling, she told him. I mean, really feeling. Fine, he said. Not the dressed up, phony, everything is fine kind of feeling, but the raw, real, take it or stuff it kind of feeling. She … Continue reading

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Another Door

I saw this door, she said, and just knew that if I crossed the threshold, I would see something that would cause my whole life to change. What happened when you went in? he asked. Are you kidding? Her eyes … Continue reading

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A Longer View

What is inscribed in your heart? What wish or hope or dream that you dare not even whisper but which you sometimes admit you must have or you will surely die? Believe that feeling. Do not dismiss it as wishful … Continue reading

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