About Carol

I create at least one digital image every day. But that’s not where my art making ends.

I am very interested in creating textures, fissures, holes, worn areas, layers, shapes, figures, words ~ on paper, together with stitch, and paint.

They all come together on art book pages, paper quilts, or mixed media pieces.

I am so very fortunate: I LOVE what I do and am always surprised how things turn out. I also love to hear what others are creating.


4 Responses to About Carol

  1. Shanti says:

    I am also interested in textures, layers and shapes, stitch and paint. Words do not come easy to me. I like your work.

  2. Hi Carol! I want to pass along the ABC award to you and the Wonders Out Loud blog. If you have time to participate, check out the guidelines at the GrowthLines blog. I will look forward to reading your list if you join in. ~ Paulann


  3. I love blending photography , stitching, quilting and found objects. Your work fascinates.

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