No Regrets

Right and wrong are very definitive labels. You need a lot of conviction to use them, and even then they are not always believable.

We all make mistakes. I really resonate with Oscar Wilde’s thoughts about them:

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.

Most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.

How Many Wrongs Make a Right?


About CarolWiebe

Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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One Response to No Regrets

  1. Carol Boyer says:


    Every mistake means you are trying something. The only person who does not is stuck and not moving at all. Give me courage to keep making tons of them and growing with each experience. Hugs

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