The Big Picture

We can be so focused on looking for big things that we miss the significance of little ones. Everyone talks about seeing the big picture, but an overall view can only be gained by being aware of the components it consists of.

Our lives are a collection of small events and minor decisions, that build the structure of our future bit by bit.

We can use that realization to live our lives more mindfully.

The Earring

What we call little things are merely the causes of great things; they are the beginning, the embryo, and it is the point of departure which, generally speaking, decides the whole future of an existence.
……….~ Henri Frederic Amiel

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.
……….~ John Muir


About CarolWiebe

Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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