The New Business Card


I just read that a self published book is the new business card! Wow! That’s a few steps up in terms of the talent and time required to “get yourself out there.”

If you, the entrepreneur, self-publish a book you will stand out, you will make more money, you will kick your competitors right in the XX, and you will look amazingly cool at cocktail parties. I know this because I am seldom cool but at cocktail parties, with my very own comic book, I can basically have sex with anyone in the room. But don’t believe me – it costs you nothing and almost no time to try it yourself. ~  James Altucher

When I meet people, and our conversation produces sparks, I really just want their email, and maybe an actual phone number or address. We can then see what progresses from there. If I asked someone how I could communicate with them further, and they handed me a self published book, I’m not sure I’d be impressed. It seems rather self-aggrandizing to start off with that.

But I do get the point. The author, James Altucher, obviously believes that this is how people “out there” (wherever that is) will come to know you now. They  want to understand your thinking, your motivation, your achievements. Which sounds really good, but so many people  I talk to keep saying how little time they have, how stressed out they are. They would have to be incredibly motivated to read a book about someone whose blog they happened upon. (James, I may have just had an aha moment).

So is this a realistic strategy, or just another oppressive Motivational Guru Rule?

Have mercy ~ we need an Internet Angel to guide us through all the hazards that abound on the Creativity Course these days. Or, we can opt out of that game and simply make art (music, poetry, fill in the blank) with no agenda except that we love what we do. But will we be able to pay for our paint?

The New Angel

P.S. I really do want to write a book. I have wanted this since I was a small girl. And I love motivating people. Just so you know (grin).

P.S.S. To be fair, Altucher is addressing this to entrepreneurs. Wait, are artists entrepreneurs?

P.S.S.S. If a book costs you nothing and almost no time to produce, will it be any good? And in this context, does it matter?


About CarolWiebe

Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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8 Responses to The New Business Card

  1. annie! says:

    Well, I like my hand made business cards myself. I get to give a little piece of my heart each time I pass one out and MAYBE…James is – somewhere in there – thinking the same.

    I LOVE your painting. Those colors are fabulous.

  2. Carol Boyer says:


    I agree with you- I do not have enough time to do the creative stuff- let alone the book business……..just doing what is on my ToDo list is more than I could do in this life time. The person who figures out how to clome oneself and still keep control- that is my dream.

  3. The New Angel is magnificent. And those colors, wow. As for publishing a book, I think it would be satisfying as well as a big commitment of time and energy.

    As for James,…if his theory is that writing a hasty comic book is the fast road to popularity at cocktail parties and a ticket to have sex with anyone in the room, oh my. If he’s being clever, well…and if he’s serious there are more significant issues to be discussed than self publishing.

    Sometimes the revved up, hype kind of business promotion seems to ignore the role of relationship. At the end of the day I suppose we each have to chart our course. I agree with you Carol, that to lose creating because something begs to be birthed in all its joy and angst would be beyond sad. Surely marketability isn’t the whole picture.

  4. Carol Wiebe says:

    Paulann, as usual you cut right to the heart of the matter and show the potential of the growth line, rather than succumbing to doing anything to promote the bottom line.

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