2 Responses to I Don’t Know What These Are

  1. I love these–but I see your discomfort. I’m seeing some creature who is asking, wondering–maybe the query nature is also discomforting. In a funny way it reminds me of the time I spent hours recreating a “Corduroy” bear for my daughter–who didn’t want him in her room because his eyes “made me very scary feeling.” I saw exactly what she meant–but hadn’t noticed when I made him.

  2. Carol Wiebe says:

    Gosh, you made me laugh–I’ve had my own share of toy fiascos. Best laid plans and all that. I’m very curious what happened to the bear? It reminds me of the island of “misfit” toys . . . . I’m glad there isn’t one of those for people (lol–which my granddaughter says means lots of love).

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