Trial By Fire

People may warn you about a trial by fire. “You’ll get burned, ” they shout as they frantically call the fire department.

Trial By Fire

But we want these. A trial by fire will temper us (as in tempered steel), making us stronger, taking us deeper, preparing us for what is to come.

Welcome this fire, with your whole heart and soul. Your life, and art, will make leaps like flames if you do.

The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born, the artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation.
…………~ Auguste Rodin


About CarolWiebe

Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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