Faded Now or Just Discovering Another Kind of Beauty?

We are quick to mourn the “loss” of beauty. However, when we consider life to be a gift, a temporary gift, and can appreciate every stage of our lives, then there is no such thing as faded beauty, there is just the ever present now, in all its radiant glory. It is so sad that we often cannot appreciate the beauty, for instance, of a face that has lived long and achieved much, simply by living.

Think Georgia O’Keefe:

Think Liv Ullmann:

As Danny Miller said in 2006:

Oh, how grateful I am that this brilliant actress has never gone under the knife and transformed herself into one of those taut-skinned wrinkle-free cat-eyed robots with tattooed lip liner, teeth as unnaturally white as her patent leather Manolo Blahniks, and casaba melons stuffed down her Danskin. Even when Liv Ullmann was considered a Hot Babe in Hollywood, she fought with her handlers over her image.

Faded Now or Just Discovering Another Kind of Beauty?


About CarolWiebe

Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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10 Responses to Faded Now or Just Discovering Another Kind of Beauty?

  1. Deb Sims says:

    Amen, amen, a thousand times AMEN! As always, Carol, you run to the heart of things. What I wouldn’t give to look on my mother’s wrinkled face and hold her beautiful hands. Each stage of life holds its own beauties. So much better to cherish them than try to hide them. One of my favorite photos from my recent Italy trip is a beautiful white haired woman leaning out of her window in Venice.
    Miss you dear friend!

    • Carol Wiebe says:

      I’d love to see that photo, Deb! And I sure miss you too. Perhaps you need another Canada workshop fix at the studio of yours truly. You’d sure be welcome.

  2. Deb Sims says:

    Oh, and don’t forget Beatrice Wood! What a gal!

  3. Carol Wiebe says:

    Thanks for that reminder, Deb. She lived to 105!

    I love this quote:
    “My life is full of mistakes. They’re like pebbles that make a good road.”

    Beatrice Wood

  4. Deb Sims says:

    Be sure you read her autobiography “I Shock Myself!”
    Sending the photo to you via email.

  5. Fantastic post Carol…I couldn’t agree more. I love the Danny Miller quote :) Thanks for this.

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