My body sits, my mind flits

As I sit and stitch, it occurs to me that I am in transition.

I am figuring out, as I stitch, what I want to do next. It is a repetitive, soothing, yet strangely stimulating activity. My body is still, except for those slight hand movements, but my mind is flitting from idea to idea, and possibility to possibility.

That same piece that prompted me to say I would stitch on paper, only, has now been stitched on paper only. Well, technically it is NOT the same piece, just the same piece photographed and printed out again.

Second round, stitched on paper only

I have put liquid gesso on top of this, which tends to gray the thread a little.

The back

Once again, I love how the back looks!


About CarolWiebe

Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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5 Responses to My body sits, my mind flits

  1. Shirley Bartell says:

    Wow, Carol! This piece is really cool! I love both sides!

    One thing about this technique that I’m finding really fun is that, because it starts with a digital composition, the whole piece can be reworked with ease, can become whatever the artistic vision is on any given day. Base color isn’t an issue, elements aren’t an issue. No stress, just go with the flow. If it isn’t exactly what the artist envisiioned, No Problem. Do Over!

    • Carol Wiebe says:

      YES!!! Or, add on another piece, or cut out the spot that didn’t work, slap it in again from the original and redo. Possibilities are so easy to employ. And we haven’t even gotten to the “now paint” part.

  2. Shirley Bartell says:

    The current (Feb/March 2011) issue of Quilting Arts magazine has an artist profile on Joan Schulze. There is a paragraph in the article that describes how Joan creates “fabric drawings” based on the backs of her completed works! The minute I read that I thought of the back of this piece! Tomorrow I’m switching my bobbin thread to a darker color, then I’ll scan in my design and fiddle with it. Be sure to check out the article!

    • Carol Wiebe says:

      You don’t have to use dark thread, Shirley, if you are using a program like Photoshop Elements. You can adjust the color.
      But I’m sure you know that, so you must have something else in mind. I am looking forward to seeing your results!

  3. Shirley Bartell says:

    We don’t have any Photoshop programs yet, but are looking into them. What I DO have is a Creative Memories program that does a fair job of altering images. MS Word has a light weight formatting option as well and I often scan things in, alter them in Word, copy the image into Paint to save it as a bitmap file, then open in the CM program to fiddle further and compose.

    I am SO new at this that it takes forever and I’m still just experimenting! It will be months before I have anything ready to actually “show”.

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